Bias Binding maker

Firstly, let me say I am a newbie to the sewing world. Up until September 2014 I had never even used a sewing machine. I can also say it was not love at first stitch. I have dyspraxia so anything that involves even the most remote need for hand eye co-ordination is a struggle. I was incredibly enthusiastic and desperately wanted to learn to sew childrens clothes, it is probably the first and only time in my life I have shown any tenacity! Moving 19 months on from that and here I am with a tiny bit of knowledge, some experience but still tons of enthusiasm!

There have been many techniques I have struggled with and many more I am struggling with and am not even aware of! One of the techniques I have recently learnt is making your own bias binding. I have always bought my bias binding ready made, off the shelf, and to be honest I still do for most of my binding as unless I’m wantin something specific or for my binding to exactly match my fabric its just easier that way! (and often cheaper).

I used to look at bias binding makers and think there t be some sort of magic to them, there must be some mechanism inside that makes them work. Nope, I’m afraid its much less complex than that. It is just a shaped cone! They come in different sizes according to what size you want your binding to be. Hot-Selling-Set-of-4-Fabric-Bias-Tape-Maker-Binding-Tool-Sewing-Quilting-6mm-12mm-18mm

You cut your fabric on the bias (so crossways) to the width and length you need (for the record in the pictures my binding isn’t bias cut as it wasn’t used as binding but as a waist fie – but its the same technique).

As you can see one end of the maker is wider than the other. You slide the fabric into the widest end of the binding maker: IMG_9781

You then slide the fabric through the binding maker, pulling it out of the other side, taking note that there is a fold on either side, starting to look like binding? IMG_9782

Now turn it so the flat bit is facing down, and gently pull a small amount of binding out of the thinner end of the maker, ensuring to keep the folds in place. This needs to be on a flat, iron-able surface (above is my sewing desk wit a tea towel on as I was too lazy to erect the ironing board!) IMG_9783

Next, get your iron on the appropriate setting for the type of fabric. This is cotton so nice and hot! Slowly slide the binding make along the binding ironing the folds it has made as you go:

Once you get to the end you are finished making your own binding! Really very easy and no big mystery!

Have fun making lots of lovely, cute binding for your projects!


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