New patterns arrived!

Youngest got my phone wet at the hospital so my camera is a bit foggy :/ I hope it dries out :/

Purchased some patterns from jaycotts and Amazon over the weekend and they arrived today!

They are:

Mccalls M6959, easy wrap dress, I already have this, and have made it several times but needed it in the bigger sizes 🙂 Simplicity 1318, kimono jacket, was sure I had a pattern like this but I didn’t and I want to make a little cover up for summer.

Simplicity 2906, it’s so easy it’s simplicity skirt and bag pattern, I have several a-line skirt patterns that I’ve made, but I wanted an easy flared skirt pattern to make. It was half price too!

Simplicity 8019, 1970s vintage reproduction pattern skirt, because it’s the 1970s and why not? I’ve already got the fabric for this 🙂

Simplicity 1133, super jiffy tunic, as it was half price I thought why not give it a go? Also has the pants pattern 🙂

2 thoughts on “New patterns arrived!

    1. I put it into the direct sunlight and it unfogged! phew! Have donethe bag of rice trick wit my 4s when one of the children decided t wash it – that was not a good day haha 🙂


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