Today :)

Good news: I put my phone in the direct sun with the camera lens facing it and it unfogged 🙂 iPhones really are almost indestructible:)

Today the youngest (3) wasn’t at nursery and the husband took the older 3 to school – queue the youngest and I having a relaxing day.

Firstly I had to call the company I bought my sewing machine off as the tension has always been bobbin heavy. He was great and went through everything with me – I had to adjust the tension on the bobbin case – I now know how to do that haha : img_0148

On my machine (janome 8050xl) it is a top loading bobbin (much easier!) it has two screws on the side of the bobbin case which just lifts out when you take the cover off – the right one has a positive head on, the left has a flat head on. It is this one which is the bobbin case tension.

As with all turney things it is lefty loosey, righty tighty, it requires a very delicate touch, a quarter turn at a time, as I found out to my peril haha. You have to reassemble everything every time you adjust it so you can test the tension. Hoping I’ve done it right!

Just a tip, when testing the tension, use a very different thread colour in both bobbin and thread:

The rest of the day was spent walking and playing at the park with the youngest, must say I do love Cornwall all year round, but especially when the sun shines! We are lucky to live just across the road from this:


We then returned home and a bowl of soapy water, some sponges and the play cars meant I was able to have a diet coke break in the sunshine

Finally we went to the hospital to have the youngests routine appointment to have his haemangioma checked. Its basically a large birthmark, or a collection of blood vessels that didn’t form correctly. It should fade by the time he is 10, but it is rather large, the whole of the back of his thigh. We have declined treatment though as scans show it to be cosmetic thankfully. Another appointment in 6 months :). Off fabric shopping tomorrow and for a fry up with a couple of friends to the infamous Liskeard Trago Mills 😉


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