Did a little shopping…

My friends/ neighbors are leaving to return to the north a week today – and it has become a monthly tradition for us to go to that infamous southwest institution: trago mills. Our closest one is on the outskirts of liskeard. I always go mad when there as they do wonderful fabrics at very reasonable prices. But today I was very restrained 🙂 I was very tempted by some georgeous cath kidston-ish fabric to make one of the skirt patterns I bought, but I didn’t! I stuck to my list! (HUGE pat on the back for me).

I have several projects in the pipeline, the main ones I was shopping for are: cushion covers, a tote bag for a friends sisters birthday, and a kimono jacket from one of my new patterns! I am lusting after some Lewis & Irene fabric so I’m trying to be good so hubby doesn’t go too batty after my little treat of some jamberry nail wraps to myself haha 🙂

#jamberry #lewisandirene #tragomills #busyfingersshop


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