Dottie Angel Frock: How I did…



I finally finished my dottie angel frock and tunic. Life has been a bit manic of late! This post is about how I did. But briefly: not very well. It was not the patterns fault, it is my skills set which is not up to scratch. However, once it was done, it was a lovely fit. I am very pleased with it and cannot wait to wear it :).

As my skill set is sadly lacking I had to make quite a few ‘bodge-jobs’. So, here we go:

The making of the pockets is pretty straight forward and sewing them on also:

The problem for me came when I was using the binding to ‘face’ the neck and arm holes. The binding has to be pinned on and then folded over, but I rushed on ahead as I was so excited so on the first neck I did it completely wrongly, I just turned over the fabric a little bit and sewed the binding straight onto the wrong side:


This then meant the neck line not sitting flatly, so I sniped in the middle and this helped it lie flat a bit better. On the arm holes and the tunic version I made I changed it around a bit: on the neck I sewed the binding onto the right side:


and then flipped it round to the wrong side and stitched the binding down around the edge of the neck hole:


However, this is what happened:

After unpicking it 3 times I decided on a creative solution:

And this actually looks good and makes my chest look bigger 🙂

For the armholes I tried another technique: I sewed both sides of the binding on the right side:

Next, I flipped it over to the wrong side and stitched it securely, I also employed this method with the bottom hem:

The other element I struggled with was the pleats that are required where the waist ties attach to the front bodice. \I have never done pleats before – I am going to have to research how to do them correctly and have a wee practise before I make this pattern again. The solution I came up with I actually really liked haha. If you look at my finished versions there are patches on either side where the waist ties are – this is to cover and secure the pleats, these are not suppose to be there! I made them in a contrasting fabric and there is one on the inside either side also and I actually like the look this has leant to the dress. I will however, practise and research so I can do it correctly next time. The pleats are an essential part of this pattern as it is these that give the finished garment such a nice fit and shape.

A final note on what I think of this pattern. I cannot comment on the actual instructions, pattern making etc as I really struggled simply due to the fact my skills are not quite up to this pattern. I can however comment on the finished made garment, I love it, I love the fit and the way it looks, and consequently the way it makes me feel. I will be wearing it tomorrow I think – I would recommend it 🙂 This is my tunic version:


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