Busy days

Although I’m missing my friend, I have had a lot to do which has taken my mind off of things a little bit.

On Wednesday I had a friends association meeting to attend for the school, to organise some summer events to raise money for some new equipment.

During the day on Wednesday hubby had taken the youngest to Porth beach in Cornwall, for a beach clean he had organised with some newly qualified submariners and surfers against sewage. The youngest had a great time being the centre of attention:

On Thursday mornings I usually attend a knit and natter local group, run by creative space Cornwall, at a local community centre.  At the moment we a making knitted squares for the St Germans festival in July to yarn bomb a tree (? :/ ?) haha. We do plan on making the squares into blankets for the homeless once they have been finished with. We have yarn bombed previously, but on a much smaller scale. so this should be interesting! IMG_0552

I have quite a few sewing projects in the pipeline. I have been cutting and preparing for those these last couple of days as the hubby has been busy with his coaching and work commitments it has taken me a couple of days! haha

I’m looking forward to starting the actual sewing soon 🙂 look out for the pattern reviews 🙂

On a Friday I go to the ‘Make It…’ craft classes again with creative space Cornwall. At the moment we are doing paper cutting classes. If you have ever seen paper cutting you will have seen it can be absolutely beautiful. What you may not know though is that it is very relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying. You feel you can achieve quite a bit in a relatively short space of time. Have borrowed a cutting board and knife until next week so if I get time I can have a bit more practise :).

At the rock pooling session last weekend one of the leaders mentioned that my eldest might benefit from taking rock climbing sessions as he seemed to have a natural ability. The hubby took him, the girly and the youngest tonight to the local rock climbing place. The older 2 climbed and the hubby and youngest watched. The youngest then came home having learnt a few new tricks…

The youngest really is a bit of a wild child haha 🙂

You may be aware that our no3 has autism. He has never really been one to draw, he can write his name, but doesn’t see the point in writing anything else, and certainly not drawing unless there is a purpose to it. So when the hubby found this picture in his bag I was so very touched. I’m going to get a frame and hang it in my sewing corner. It means so very very much to me 🙂 The fact his first inteligible drawing was associated with me has really touched me, as with him we haven’t always felt he even knew we were ‘special’ people to him, not just people who lived in the same house. He is a lot more engaged with us now, but this was still lovely 🙂

This is the picture of my sewing machine and him as he is typically enjoying milk 🙂

Anyway, hope your week has been good and will blog again soon 🙂

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