My week :)

Firstly, the big news: I signed up to become a Jamberry consultant :). I have been so impressed by the products that I decided to shell out the £99 to become a consultant. This may sound a lot but the kit is pretty good and my manager gave me a £25 gift card for joining! You also get a minimum 30% commission so I am fairly pleased. I just hope I can fit it in! 🙂 IMG_1336

In celebration I have given myself a new Jamicure, and had also ordered the girly a set of the junior jamberrys 🙂 IMG_1387

 The sun has been shining (well, a little bit). As soon as the youngest saw this he insisted I get a paddling pool and put it up:

Despite him having his wet suit on and me having put lots of hot water in with him he didn’t last long! I put him into one of my favourite outfits – a towelling all in one that was no3s from little bird by Jools Oliver at Mothercare. I do love the little bird range 🙂

He was freezing by the time he’d stopped playing – and judging by these pics the mummy cuddles wrapped in his towel in the sunshine were just what the doctor ordered 🙂 love his face – I think he looks like the cat that got the cream 🙂

I do want to savour these moments. Then I looked up and saw this: IMG_1374

Sometimes you are so busy you don’t look about and notice some of the simple things in life.

Speaking of being busy, Sunday was quite busy, the youngest and no3 were invited to an superhero birthday party. No3 went as Spiderman and the youngest as doc mcstuffins 🙂

The eldest had a football tournament – which his team won 🙂

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of papercutting from the book I bought by paper panda.

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends from knit and natter asked me to sew her a dress that I have made several times which she liked, if she bought the material. She did and I started to cut the dress out, but there wasn’t quite enough material to make the whole dress. So I am awaiting the rest to be delivered to her so I can complete cutting it out and then sew it 🙂 So look out for that pattern How I did… 🙂

I also made some cushions – which I’ll cover in another post 🙂

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