Bunting and bags… part one

I have been making a few smaller projects recently, most as promotions for the Jamberry business. I also had a commission to make some nautical bunting for a private boat themed bar.

I decided to make my own gift bags for any Jamberry customers who book a party with me. I couldn’t decide the best (easiest) design to do. I did some planning after looking on my favourite place for inspiration: pinterest. I decided on a Japanese knot bag. If you don’t know what these are (& I didn’t!) they are bags with two handles at the top, one shorter that the other. The shorter on loops over the longer one to form a ‘knot’ and then the longer loop goes around your wrist to keep it secure. Brilliant, simple Idea. Mini Japanese knot bags it was then.

I drafted my own pattern, using my trusty (and cheap!) greaseproof paper. IMG_2197I decided to buy some spotty, purple fabric as this would go with the Jamberry branding. However, the fabric I had bought was a little thin, therefore I decided to double layer it. This would also negate the need to hem around the handles etc. I decided to make 10, therefore needed to cut out 20 of these, on the fold.

I then sewed two of the bags together – to make a double sided piece of fabric. I did this by sewing right sides together

I left a gap on one side of the handle so as to be able to turn the bag right way out

In order to close the gap I decided to top stitch along the seam of the handle. IMG_2298Next was to join the shorter handle sides.

Now to make it into a bag, once again, right sides together, I sewed from the bottom of one handle around to the bottom of the other handle

Then I turned it right side out to complete the bag! Nice and simple 🙂

I decided that I wanted to make something extra to pop into the bags. This is were the hearts came in, once again inspiration from pinterest.

I had to draw the hearts onto the fabric, not my forte! I should have really made a template – but I was being lazy so they all turned out uniquely shall we say!

 In order to be able to make a lot of these quite quickly I stitched around the heart on the right side, leaving a gap for the stuffing

Next was to insert the stuffing through the hole I left in the side

I needed to close the gap, so I decided probably the easiest way to do this was to use my zipper foot and stitch that gap shut.

Next, in order to stop the material fraying I used my pinking shear to pink around the outside.

I thought this was a little plain, so decided to add some embellishments! IMG_2351

Buttons, lace bows and lace hanging loops, then I put these into the bags along with some other Jamberry goodies.

Hopefully they will entice people to book parties!

I will detail the bunting I have made this week in the next post: bunting and bags part two!

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