A very hot week…

It’s been a glorious week here in Cornwall, and the kiddos were back at school. We didn’t do a lot on Monday, and Tuesday the youngest was at nursery so I sewed and made (see the bunting, bags, and mixer cover posts).

As Wednesday was forecast to be yet another beautiful day and I didn’t want to miss out I arranged to go to the waterfront with a friend. We are so lucky to live where we live. The waterfront is a 10 minute walk from my school. The view is beautiful.

The youngest and my friends little girl had a great time 🙂

I’ll say it again, we are so so lucky to have this within walking distance.

After a few hours in the sun we went for lunch, in a ‘posh’ wine bar – perhaps not the best place to take the youngest but the two of them were really well behaved.

That thing with the egg timers on is apparently a steeping timer, to let you know when your tea is stewed, was still far too weak for my taste though… I like a strong builders brew without the sugar… pg tips for me! yum! haha IMG_2750

Was a lovey day 🙂

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but, I’m poo free/no poo – which means I don’t use shampoo. I stopped using it because my skin is very sensitive on my face and scalp and having used everything I could and my scalp still being in a mess I stopped. I didn’t use anything except water for 3 months, and have been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar for the last 2 months. The kids got nits as soon as they went back to school and ‘kindly’ passed them on. No poo meant a scramble to see what I could use… I came up with olive oil… and cling film! hope it worked! lots of nit combing too…IMG_2826

Had my Jamberry launch party – didn’t go very well fortunately and didn’t have the interest – I’ll keep trying but was quite disheartened. Although I’m still enjoying them immensely!

I also voted in the EU referendum and I proudly voted to remain, for a myriad of reasons, but everyone will vote their own way 🙂 I am terrified if we come out though hat it will mean for families and our children. IMG_2853

In order to cheer me up after the disaster of the launch party the hubby ordered me a new handbag knowing how desperate I was for a new one, and knowing I’d seen one I really liked in the national trust shop at antony house at the weekend, bless him. IMG_2850

I have also been practising m papercutting.

Papercutting was featured on make! craft Britain – a bbc four programme. They all said the same as I – that you get so absorbed in it that everything else fades away – which is why it is a fantastic mindfulness activity. I thoroughly recommend it 🙂

Finally, I’ve got a few sewing projects in the pipeline that I cut out with my new rotary cutter. I have completed one already and am part way through another! All of them I shall detail in blog posts 🙂

I’ve got a coffee afternoon for my Jamberry on Thursday this week at a community café – really nervous but hope that goes well. Wish me luck.

Hope we all have a good week 🙂 IMG_2956


Last few days…

I’ve been very busy creating! I’m loving the applique at the moment. Had a few gifts to make and been a little busy too.

Firstly some nice pictures taken by the hubby at the park:

The youngest 3 having a good time in the sun 🙂

Next, I have been no poo for 14 weeks now – just using water only. I have very greasy hair naturally. My hair did balance itself for a couple of weeks after about 10 weeks, and then I used hairspray and my hair just panicked and became a grease bucket again – I decided I needed to ‘wash’ it so have used some baking soda and apple cider vinegar – just a little bit but enough to de-grease my hair slightly – I think I’m going to have to do this once a week as I’ve reached my breaking point with the water only unfortunately – I’m still no poo though! 🙂


My new no poo kit 🙂

I finally managed to dig out some of my summer clothes so as part of me made may here is my ‘duck dress’ worn today (my megan dress by tilly and the buttons from her love at first stitch book)


I’ve been creating a few appliqued gifts. One is a tote bag which a friend asked me to create for her sisters birthday, the other are two cushion covers to give to friends who are leaving this week to remind them of Cornwall.

My friend is very tall so I’m assuming her sister is also, so I made the straps quite long – hence why the bag looks so long on me (I’m 5ft 1in) haha. I piped around the cushion covers and took some pics to do a basic post about piping 🙂

Lastly, I’m planning on making some bunting for my neighbours who are leaving (as well as the cushion cover) as they have been exceptional friends in the time we’ve known them. I’m really going to miss them. I did get a nice surprise this evening from the consultant who conducted my Jamberry party the other night – a lovely card and some wraps and other goodies 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂 take care all 🙂

Greasey locks

13 weeks since I last washed my hair and it’s back to being a grease bucket as I used hairspray at a friends wedding last week.

I was attempting a 40s victory roll but I was rushing as we were VERY late so pins were not cutting it so had to resort to the spray. Regretting that now as my hair has JUST balanced itself 2 weeks previous (it is very greasy naturally).
Not a happy bunny, but a very greasy one right now!

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