Flutterby Romper: How I did….

Some of the best clothes for kiddies are ones they can just throw on.

I made the girly a romper in the spring and she loved it. I made it from quite boyish fabric as she still prefers boyish clothes a lot of the time, although I hadn’t realised there were jack daniels bottles on the fabric with the rabbits! haha IMG_8996

Its not that noticeable when she’s wearing it.. honestly!

I was also given some really pretty poppy border print fabric so I wanted a project that incorporated that too.

This is a PDF pattern by little kiwis closet, which I got off etsy. I print my PDF patterns off once, then trace the size I need onto greaseproof paper and then save the patterns in A5 envelopes. IMG_2827

As I said, I really wanted to use the poppies fabric, and so I had to find some other fabric from my stash that matched – the best I could find (that I had enough of!) was this left over polka dot Ikea fabric. IMG_2838

I used my new rotary cutter again, the problem I had was that there wasn’t enough for the border to be used on both front and back of the shorts, so I just cut out the front short pattern pieces with the border on.

This pattern has sooooooo many options, long sleeve, short sleeve, flutter sleeve, sleeves with elastic, shorts, long trousers to name but a few! and it goes right the way through the ages. I choose a short sleeve and shorts as its for summer.

The short sleeve is a raglan, so much easier than a set in sleeve. I hem the sleeve first.

Next is to attach the sleeves to the bodice, firstly to one side, then to the other.

As you can see it now looks like a huge off the shoulder top. As the only way in or out (there are no fastenings onย this romper at this size) is through the neck the fabric has to be able to expand large enough for the child to get in it, but shrink small enough to fit around the neck.

This is done via the medium of elastic haha ๐Ÿ™‚ You create a casing all around he neck opening

Whilst doing this you need to decide which will be the front and back (both bodice pattern pieces are the same front and back, the shorts pieces are not)

You need to mark the back, and I do this with a wee piece of ribbon folded into a loop.

You need to leave a gap the stitching so as to be able to thread the elastic in.


Once you have threaded the elastic through you need to sew the ends in order to make it into a loop. I use a small zigzag stitch in order to do this.

Then stitch the gap shut.

Bodice done! Onto the shorts.

There are many ways to make shorts. I made these the way the pattern asks you to.

So, I sewed the fronts to the backs, rights sides together, at the sides first.

Next is the crotch seam, so I opened out the shorts and put them right sides together to each leg.

I then pinned the crotch seam and sewed.

After this is to sew the under seam. To do this I opened out the shorts again, front and back in the correct place IMG_2909

Then I pinned the under seams together, fronts to backs IMG_2910

Then sewed

and hemmed

Next is to attach the bodice to the shorts, whilst creating the channel for the waist elastic.

You pin the shorts approx. 2cm above the bottom of the bodice

and sew

then fold down the top of the shorts a little bit (approx. 1/4″) and pin and sew to the bodice to create the elastic channel.

Remember to leave a gap to thread the elastic through, and then zigzag the ends of the elastic together once they are threaded to make a loop.

Sew the gap shut, turn the right way out and voila! a romper ๐Ÿ™‚

and the girly looking gorgeous as usual wearing it ๐Ÿ™‚