Simpicity 2906: How I did….

IMG_2849I saw this ‘Cath Kidston esque’ fabric in Trago Mills a few weeks ago and then went back to get it. I have no idea who it’s actually by. Its very summery though. The pattern was another simplicity sale one, as I needed a plain slightly flarey skirt pattern.

It is a fairly straight forward pattern.

Firstly you sew up the side seams, bottom to top on the right side and up to the stitching mark on the left side, as this is where you will insert the (lapped) zip.

Next you insert the zipper. A 7 inch normal (so not invisible) zipper.

First pin and sew the right hand side of the zipper as normal.

As you can see I’m using my zipper foot to get a close stitch.

Next, pin the left side of the zipper with a folded over lap to create the ‘lap’ of the lapped zipper. I had never created a lapped zip before, this is how the directions in the pattern said to do it, so this is how I did it 🙂

Now onto the waistband. This requires webbing, again something I have never used (had to ask in the haberdashers what it was 🙂 ).

The instructions in the pattern said to pin and stitch the top edge of the webbing onto the top edge of the waist.

Then, flip it over to the wrong side, thus creating a nice encased edge to the waistband. Pin and stitch.

Now, I’m only 5ft 1 inch, so most things are too long on me. When I cut this pattern out it seemed like it was going to be a midi skirt. It was, but with the width it did not look good, so I wanted it to be knee length, meaning I had to adjust the length (ahem, cut the excess off haha) IMG_3206

Penultimately was the hemming. I am not great at this on curved edges but we got there.

Lastly was the buttonhole and button. I had one of the lovely pink buttons left over from the sailor dress – it happened to be perfect for this skirt so it got used. I think it looks lovely.

Finished! I really liked this pattern, it was very easy. I would highly recommend it if you want to practise your zips, as it was easy to put a zip in as its a straight seam and you can just do an exposed zipper (or invisible) rather than a lapped one 🙂 It didn’t take me long at all to make 🙂 very recommended for beginners.